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Slint was an indie rock band from Louisville, Kentucky which released two albums in the early 1990s. Sometimes described as math rock because of their unusual time signatures and precise instrumentation, Slint is most famous for releasing the 1991 LP Spiderland, a collection of six sparse, largely instrumental songs culminating in the haunting "Good Morning, Captain." Although Slint disintegrated soon after recording the album, they exerted a considerable influence on the post-rock bands of the 1990s.

The various members of Slint have since appeared in numerous incarnations throughout the indie/post rock world. David Pajo, Slint's former bassist, currently performs under the moniker of Papa M and in his spare time is also a member of the Billy Corgan-fronted rock band Zwan. Guitarist Brian McMahan formed the For Carnation in 1996. Britt Walford, under an assumed name, played drums for the Breeders at one point. Ethan Buckler plays in King Kong.

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