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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery was made a famous cemetery by Washington Irving's story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Washington Irving himself is buried in it. It is located in North Tarrytown, New York, which changed its name in 1997 to Sleepy Hollow, New York.

The road on which the fictional Ichabod Crane was pursued by the Headless Horseman runs just south of the cemetery. The lower half of the cemetery is the oldest portion: it includes an Old Dutch Church and is now called the Old Dutch Burying Ground. The inspirations for the fictional yet lovely Katrina Van Tassel, and her suitors Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones now lie side by side in this ground. They are joined by others whose real-life stories are part of the town's early history. The upper portion of the cemetery is the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery proper, where the more recent burials occur. The Rockefeller estates, Pocantino, whose grounds abut the cemetery, contain the private Rockefeller Burying Grounds.

The Old Dutch Burying Ground

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

An overview of some the cemetery, taken from a vantage not far behind the Old Dutch Church:

There is a great deal more to the cemetery than what is visible here. It is very hilly, and has roads so it can be driven through.

There is a roadway (Federal Highway 9, to be precise) located down a small hill to the left of what is visible in this picture; cars may frequently be heard passing by, doubtless not a feature of the cemetery back in Irving's time. Visitors in small but respectable quantities are also common.

A grave of someone named "Lister":

Washington Irving's grave (it's the one with the flag in front of it):