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Sleepy cod

Sleepy Cod
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Oxyeleotris lineolatus

The sleepy cod (Oxyeleotris lineolatus) is a medium-sized freshwater fish, native to tropical regions of northern Australia.

Sleepy cod generally weigh up to 3kg. They are very common in waterways across northern Australia. They are plain brown coloured fishes. They are sedentary in nature. They are one of the most favoured freshwater fish in Australia for eating, having white, flaky flesh, low fat content and a mild flavour. There are other two species of sleepy cod, although they are not as common as O. lineolatus: Oxyeleotris selheimi and O. gyrinoides, both occupying some parts of northern Australia. All species have similar table qualities.

The Sleepy Cod are members of the order Perciformes, and thus unrelated to the true cod. They are somewhat closer to the Australian freshwater cod like the Murray Cod.