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Skyline GT-R

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is an iconic (at least in the markets where it is sold) Japanese sports coupe. Termed "Godzilla" by Wheels magazine in Australia when released there in 1989, it is rated by many motoring magazines, including the well-respected Wheels, as providing performance and handling equal or superior to that of European icons like the Porsche 911 and the Ferrari 360 Modena at a considerably lower price.

The Skyline name came through from the Prince company, before it merged with Nissan-Datsun. The Skyline model has continued through the years, into the 90's where it became popular mainly due to the fact that it remained rear-wheel-drive, while most other manufacturers models were front-wheel-drive.

The GT-R of the 90's has been a potent 2.6-litre straight 6-cylinder twin-turbo four-wheel-drive road car. Its success in motor racing has been formidable, particularly in the annual race at the Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst, Australia, where the champion three years running was a GT-R (despite receiving additional weight penalties in years 2 and 3 due to its unbeatable performance). The GT-R's success at Mount Panorama lead to turbos and four-wheel-drive cars being banned in subsequent years.

The Skyline is also a popular car for drag racing in Japan and the import racing scene in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA - Skyline GT-Rs are often modified and tuned to produce upwards of 1000bhp. They are a popular target for such modification due to the amazing strength of its 6 cylinder engine the RB26DETT (common amongst all GT-Rs), widely considered one of the most durable motors when heavily modified.

The Skylines of the 90's have progressed through from the R32(1989), through to the R34(2000), as well as a concept R35, and have include special editions such as the V-Spec containing additional performance enhancing modifications from the Nissan factory. It is not known whether the GT-R model will carry on. It has been mythed for the last decade that the Skyline will come to the United States, however, Nissan has yet to announce any official plans to release the car in the US.