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Skunk Ape

Myakka Skunk-Ape photo of Sarasota County, FL

The Skunk Ape is a supposed type of Bigfoot from Florida.

Many photos taken of the skunk ape look suspiciously like Orangutans that inhabit primate inclosures of the more lavish zoos of Miami and Orlando, conveniently for their photographers. For instance, if one were to take a picture of an Orangutan in its habitat enclosure and simply make sure that one did not capture structures such as bars or windows in the photo, one would have an excellent picture of a Skunk-Ape that would be difficult to refute.

The most famous such photos were taken anonymously and mailed to the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in Florida in the year 2000. These photos are known as the Myakka Skunk-Ape photos.

There is also the unsettling possibility that there might actually be small populations of Orangutans in remote areas of Florida that are descended from Orangutans who escaped from international air ports or from captivity as exotic pets. It is a little known fact that Orangutans in captivity test higher on cognitive skills tests than all other hominids save man. The high intelligence and natural intuitive powers of an Orangutan would not preclude an ability to evade capture or detection in a remote or inaccessable region of swamp land.