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Skoda 100mm Model 1916

The Skoda 100mm Model 1916 (100mm M.16) was a mountain gun used by Czechoslovakia (where it was manufactured by Skoda), Germany, Italy, Poland, and Yugoslavia. In addition, the Turks used a 105mm variant, the M.16(T). The Wehrmacht redesignated this as the 10cm GebH 16 or 16(ö). Guns acquired from Italy, after 1943, were known as 10cm GebH 316(i); those acquired from Czechoslovakia were 10cm GebH 16(t). The Italians referred to this as the Obice da 100/17 modello 16. The gun could be broken into 3 sections, intended for towing by two animal carts. The gun crew was protected by an armoured shield.

Statistics of the M.16