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Skjaldbreišur, literally meaning the "Broad Shield", is an Icelandic strato-volcano formed in a huge and protracted eruption roughly 9,000 years ago. The extensive lava fields which were produced by this eruption, flowed southwards, and formed the basin of the Lake Žingvallavatn, Iceland's biggest lake, and Žingvellir, the "Parliament Plains" where the Icelandic National Assembly, the Althing was founded in the year 930.

The volcano culminates at 1,060 meters, and it's crater measures roughly 300 meters in diameter.

Straddling the Mid-Atlantic ridge, the lava fields from Skjaldbreišur have been torn and twisted over the millennia, forming a multitude of fissures and rifts inside the Žingvellir National Park, the best knowns of which are the Almannagjį, Hrafnagjį and the Flosagjįss.