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Skid Row (album)

Self-Titled was the first full-length album from New Jersey metal band Skid Row. It was released on January 24, 1989, and shows the band moving from their original metal sound to one more influenced by alternative music.

Track Listing

  1. "Big Guns" [Affuso, Bolan, Hill, Snake]
  2. "Sweet Little Sister [Bolan, Snake]
  3. "Can't Stand the Heartache" [Bolan]
  4. "Piece Of Me" [Bolan]
  5. "18 And Life" [Bolan, Snake]
  6. "Rattlesnake Shake" [Bolan, Snake]
  7. "Youth Gone Wild" [Bolan, Snake]
  8. "Here I Am" [Bolan, Snake]
  9. "Makin' A Mess" [Bach, Bolan, Snake]
  10. "I Remember You" [Bolan, Snake]
  11. "Midnight/Tornado" [Fallon, Snake]