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Six Flags

Six Flags is a chain of amusement parks and theme parks. There are 40 parks run by Six Flags, 24 of which carry the Six Flags name.

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The Six Flags chain began in 1961 with Six Flags over Texas, which featured (in the beginning) a Native American village, a gondola ride, a railroad, some Wild West shows, and a stagecoach ride (and possibly Skull Island, a pirate-themed adventure attraction). There was also an excursion aboard "French" boats through a wilderness full of moving puppets. (Over time, all of those attractions, except for the railroad, would be replaced by other attractions, such as roller coasters, swing rides, log flumes, and shoot-the-chute rides, as well as an observation tower.)

The chain grew with the acquisition of other parks, such as the Great Adventure Park and Safari in Jackson, New Jersey, and Great America, which had been independently founded. The chain of parks changed hands several times, being sold to the Penn Central Railroad, then to Bally Construction Corporation, and later on to the Warner Brothers company, among other owners. The chain is well-known in recent times for large and fast roller coasters, although the queue areas are often in the open air without much shading and without as many props as are typical for some queue areas in Walt Disney World. Six Flags Theme Parks Inc. is currently owned by Premier Parks who acquired the Six Flags brand name and its parks from Warner Brothers. Premier Parks is now the largest theme park operator in the U.S.

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