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Simon the Canaanite

Simon the Canaanite (called Simon the Zealot in Luke 6:15 and Acts 1:13) was one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. (The Epistula Apostolorum written in the 2nd century calls him Judas Zelotes, which suggests he may be the Judas mentioned in John 14:22. The Old Latin translations of Matthew 10:3 substitute "Judas the Zealot" for Lebbaeus.) The New Testament records nothing more of his activites.

Later traditions speculate about his fate. One tradition states that he travelled in the Middle East and Africa; one version saying he visited Britain -- possibly Glastonbury -- and was martyred in modern-day Lincolnshire. Another, doubtless inspired by his title "the Zealot", states that he was involved in a Jewish revolt against the Romans, which was brutally suppressed.