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Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges

The chief peaks of the Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges of the Alps, from the Fuela Pass to the Reschen Scheideck and the Arlberg Pass, are:

Name Elevation
Piz Linard 3414 meters(11,201 feet)
Vesulspitze 3092 meters(10,145 feet)
Fluchthorn 3403 meters(11,165 feet)
Fluela Weisshorn 3088 meters(10,132 feet)
Gross Piz Buin 3316 meters(10,880 feet)
Piz Minschun 3072 meters(10,079 feet)
Verstanklahorn 3301 meters(10,831 feet)
Patteriol 3059 meters(10,037 feet)
Muttler 3298 meters(10,821 feet)
Piz Faschalba 3051 meters(10,010 feet)
Piz Fliana 3284 meters(10,775 feet)
Hexenkopf 3038 meters(9968 feet)
Stammerspitze 3258 meters(10,689 feet)
Gemsbleiskopf 3017 meters(9899 feet)
Silvrettahorn 3248 meters(10,657 feet)
Pischahorn 2982 meters(9784 feet)
Augstenberg 3234 meters(10,611 feet)
Scesaplana 2969 meters(9741 feet)
Plattenhorn 3221 meters(10,568 feet)
Rothbleiskopf 2938 meters(9640 feet)
Dreilanderspitze 3212 meters(10,539 feet)
Hohes Rad 2912 meters(9554 feet)
Piz Tasna 3183 meters(10,443 feet)
Schiltfluh 2890 meters(9482 feet)
Kuchenspitze 3170 meters(10,401 feet)
Plattenpspitze 2880 meters(9449 feet)
Hoher Riffler 3160 meters(10,368 feet)
Madrisahorn 2830 meters(9285 feet)
Piz Mondin 3147 meters(10,325 feet)
Drusenfluh 2829 meters(9282 feet)
Kuchelspitze 3144 meters(10,315 feet)
Sulzfluh 2820 meters(9252 feet)
Gross Seehorn 3123 meters(10,247 feet)
Zimbaspitze 2645 meters(8678 feet)
Vesilspitze 3115 meters(10,220 feet)
Naafkopf 2574 meters(8445 feet)
Gross Litzner 3111 meters(10,207 feet)
Falknis 2566 meters(8419 feet)

List of mountain passes

The chief passes of the Silvretta and Rhatikon Ranges, from the Fuela Pass to the Reschen Scheideck and the Arlberg Pass, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.

Mountain passlocationtype (as of 1911)elevation

JamjochGuarda to Galtursnow 0 meters10 112 feet
Fuorcla del ConfinSilvretta Pass to the Vermunt Glaciersnow 3058 meters10,033 feet
BuinluckeGuarda to Patenensnow 3054 meters10,020 feet
Silvretta PassKlosters to Lavinsnow 3013 meters9886 feet
ZahnluckeJam Glen to the Fimber Glensnow 2960 meters9712 feet
VerstanklathorKlosters to Lavinsnow 2951 meters9682 feet
Fuorcla d'UrezzasArdez to Galtursnow 2915 meters9564 feet
Fuorcla TasnaArdez to Ischglsnow 2857 meters9374 feet
Fuorcla MaisasRemus to the Samnaun Glensnow 2852 meters9357 feet
Vermunt or Fermunt PassGuarda to Patenensnow 2802 meters9193 feet
Futschol PassArdez to Galturfoot path 2773 meters9098 feet
Fuorcla Zadrell or Vernela PassKlosters to Lavinsnow 2753 meters9033 feet
Cuolm d'Alp bella or Vignitz PassSamnaun Glen to Kapplfoot path 2698 meters8852 feet
SchafbucheljochMathon to St Antonfoot path 2647 meters8685 feet
Fimber PassRemus to Ischglbridle path 2612 meters8570 feet
Scheien PassKlosters to the See Glenfoot path 2608 meters8557 feet
Vereina Pass or Pass da Val TortaKlosters to Lavinfoot path 2603 meters8540 feet
Zebles PassIschgl to the Samnaun Glenbridle path 2545 meters8350 feet
GarnerajochKlosters to Gaschurnfoot path 2485 meters8153 feet
Fless PassKlosters to Susfoot path 2452 meters8045 feet
St Antonien or GargellenjochSt Antonien to St Gallenkirchfoot path 2375 meters7792 feet
DrusenthorSchiers to Schrunsfoot path 2350 meters7710 feet
VerrajochlLuenersee to the Schweizerthorfoot path 2331 meters7648 feet
Ofen PassSchweizerthor to Schrunsfoot path 2293 meters7523 feet
CavelljochBludenz and the Luenersee to Seewisfoot path 2238 meters7343 feet
Gruben PassSt Antoenien to Schrunsfoot path 2235 meters7333 feet
SchlappinerjochKlosters to St Gallenkirchbridle path 2200 meters7218 feet
SchweizerthorSchiers to Schrunsfoot path 2151 meters7057 feet
BielerhohePartenen to Galtuerbridle path 2021 meters6631 feet
ZeinisjochPartenen to Galtuerbridle path 1852 meters6076 feet
Arlberg PassLandeck to Bludenzcarriage road over
railway tunnel beneath
1802 meters5912 feet
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