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Sibley-Monroe checklist 1

The Sibley-Munroe checklist was a landmark document in the study of birds. It drew on extensive DNA-DNA hybridisation studies to reassess the relationships between modern birds.

The Sibley-Munroe assignmemt of individual species to families and of families to orders remains controversial, however. Critics maintain that, while it marks a great leap forward so far as the evidence from DNA-DNA hybridisation goes, it pays insufficient attention to other forms of evidence, both molecular and on a larger scale. There is no true consensus, but the broad middle-ground position is that the Sibley-Monroe classification, overall, is "about 80% correct". The key question, of course, is which 80%?. Research and debate continues.

There are 9993 species on the checklist, and this page continues in several parts, which are linked to below.


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