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Show No Mercy

Show No Mercy (1983) was the debut album by the thrash metal band Slayer. Prior to recording this album, Slayer was only a coverss band, but was offered some studio time and used it to write the album. The album was released through Metal Blade Records

The record has a similar feel to Metallica's Kill Em All, and there's a similar relation between the two bands' first and second records.

Track Listing

  1. "Evil Has No Boundaries"
  2. "Antichrist"
  3. "Die By the Sword"
  4. "Fight Till Death"
  5. "Metalstorm/Face the Slayer"
  6. "Aggressive Perfector"
  7. "Black Magic"
  8. "Tormentor"
  9. "Final Command"
  10. "Crionics"
  11. "Show No Mercy"

Personnel Details