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Shocker is the name of a fictional character from the Spiderman comicbook. Herman Schultz was a high school drop out, burglar, and ex-convict who, utilizing his talent as a machinist, developed a costume which emulates some superhuman abilities.

When doning ths costume he becomes the supervillain known as "The Shocker". He is among Spiderman's most annoying and persistant villains. Essentially, the suite deflects physical blows and makes him virtually impossible to grasp. The suite is also equipped to shoot air blasts at targets from the fists which are strong enough to break through concrete. Various super-villains, such as Egg-head, may have assisted Shocker in perfecting this impressive costume. Shocker has no superhuman abilities, but is a very good street fighter.

One of the elements that makes Shocker a particularly dangerous foe is that he does not over-estimate himself as many of Spiderman's foes do. The Shocker knows he is just a thug in a fancy out-fit and, armed with that knowledge, he doesn't give Spiderman too many unnecessary advantages in close combat. Although Shocker is among the most meagre of villains, he is surprisingly well-connected among super-villains.

Name: Herman Schultz
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Special Skills: Talented machinist, tool-maker, burglar. Experienced street-fighter and purse snatcher.
  • Special Paraphenelia: Shocker wears a costume which allows him to shoot air blasts from his fist modules that can break through solid concrete or human vital organs. The fabric of the costume (unrelated to the fist modules) is of synthetic design and renders him impossible to grasp, and deflects blows. It does that by absorbing all vibrations and creating a vibrational shield.