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Shiatsu (Japanese 指圧 - acupressure) is a massage technique originating in Japan. It is unsure if Shiatsu is related to Chinese Zhi Ya massage (指壓). It follows similar principles to acupuncture, in which the thumbs, palmss, fingers, and elbows, are used to apply pressure to certain points of the body.

Qi flows throughout the body in a series of channels. For many different reasons Qi can stop flowing freely and this then produces a symptom. The shiatsu technique involves stretching, leverage and leaning your weight into various parts of the body to encourage greater harmony of circulation, flexibility and postural integrity. Many of the techniques are applied to the same system of energy channels or meridians as used in acupuncture, although in Shiatsu each channel covers a greater area of the body.

Shiatsu may help to treat the following symptoms:

  1. back pain
  2. migraine
  3. whiplash injuries and neck stiffness
  4. reduced mobility
  5. menstrual pain
  6. digestive problems
  7. asthmatic symptoms
  8. sports injuries
  9. depression

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