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Sherwood Forest

''Alternate meanings: Sherwood Forest, Maryland, Sherwood Forest (estate)

Sherwood Forest is a country park surrounding the village of Edwinstowe in Nottinghamshire, England, the remnats of a much larger forest historically associated with the legend of Robin Hood.

There is a particular oak tree in Sherwood Forest named Major Oak which, according to local folklore, was Robin Hood's headquarters. Major Oak is between 800 and 1000 years old, and since the Victorian era its massive limbs have been partially supported by an elaborate system of scaffolding. In February 1998 a local company took cuttings from Major Oak and began cultivating cloness of the famous tree with the intention of sending saplings to be planted in major cities around the world.

Sherwood forest is also the location of one of the United Kingdom's Center Parcs holiday villages.

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