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Sheffield Manor

Sheffield Manor, also known as the Manor Lodge or Manor Castle is a lodge built about 1510 in what then was a large deer park east of Sheffield, England, to provide a country retreat for the fourth Earl of Shrewsbury. The remnant of this is now known as Norfolk Park.

The remains of Sheffield Manor include parts of the kitchens and long gallery, and the Turret House, which contains fine seventeenth century ceilings.

Mary, Queen of Scots was held prisoner by the sixth Earl of Shrewsbury at both Sheffield Manor and Sheffield Castle, her ghost is said by some to haunt the Turret House building. Wolsey’s Tower was built to accommodate Cardinal Wolsey, who then died after travelling on to Leicester.

After Sheffield Manor fell into the hands of the Duke of Norfolk, it was neglected and sold to tenant farmers, and largely dismantled in 1706. The site is now the subject of a lottery bid to convert it to a heritage centre and traditional farm. The housing estate of Manor is named after Sheffield Manor.