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Shareaza is a Windows-based [multi] Peer-to-Peer client which supports the Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey2000 & BitTorrent network protocols.

In late 2002, Shareaza's founder introduced Gnutella2, a reworked version of Gnutella with many fundamental updates to the protocol, and added support for it to Shareaza. This drew a lot of criticism from other Gnutella developers, because Gnutella2 was developed without any outside help or conferral. However, the Gnutella2 network has been doing well so far despite the fact that it was developed privately and was only supported by Shareaza. (The protocol is now supported by MLDonkey and Gnucleus) Opponents to the name of Gnutella2 refer to it as Mike's Protocol, or MP for short.

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