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Shankill is an area in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The area, and the Shankill Road in particular, is famous for being at the centre of the political tensions in Northern Ireland. Greater Shankill has a population of around 5000. The area is predominantly Protestant and neighbours the Catholic area of Falls Road.

The Shankill Road was called the Antrim Road until 1831. Its new name was based on the Gaelic Sean Cill meaning Old Church. The area expanded greatly in the mid to late 19th century with the growth of the Linen industry. This industry, along with others that had previously been successful in the area, declined in the mid 20th century leading to high unemployment levels, which remain as of 2003.

Shankill is also a suburb at the southern boundary of county Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly, there is a Falls Road in the Dublin Shankill, as well as the more well-known Belfast road.