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Shalmaneser I

Shalmaneser I, son of Hadad-nirari I, succeeded his father as king of Assyria about 1310 BC.

He carried on a series of campaigns against the Aramaeans in northern Mesopotamia, annexed a portion of Cilicia to the Assyrian empire, and established Assyrian colonies on the borders of Cappadocia.

According to his annals, discovered at Assur, in his first year he conquered eight countries in the north-west and destroyed the fortress of Arinnu, the dust of which he brought to Assur. In his second year he defeated Sattuara, king of Malatia, and his Hittite allies, and conquered the whole country as far south as Carchemish. He built palaces at Assur and Nineveh, restored "the world-temple" at Assur, and founded the city of Calah.

This entry was originally from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.