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Shag (dance move)

Shag is an early dance, contemporary with Lindy hop.

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Shag (from lead's point of view) usually the lead's left hand is up and the lead's left elbow touches the follow's right elbow. Follow usually mirrors the leads footwork in closed position.

Basic: (left, left, right, right, left, right)

Circle Kicks: (like basic, but up foot moves in a circle)

Camel Kicks: (side by side) kick left, step left, kick right, step right, step left (replace), step right (replace). Follows should not mirror the lead in closed, but rather match in a different way.

Hop and Hold: (left hold right hold left right)

Girl Spin: The girl can do overhead, free, or apache turns on the slows or the fasts.

Guy spin:

See Also

Lindy hop

Dance move

To Do

Shag with promenade hands behind back and half spins.

double kicks.


kick tap, kick tap, kick kick.

Circling in shag.