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Severans ("people of/from the North") were a Slavic tribal union occupying areas from the west Panonia plane to the Black Sea in the 6th to 9th century. They probably belonged to the eastern branch of Slavic continuum (related to the ancestors of Russians, Ukrainians, Bielorusians, Ruthenes).

Severans, as well as some other Slavic tribes and tribal groups, descended to the Panonian Plane as a vasals of the Avars. In the centuries after arrival of Magyars and establishment of the Hungarian medieval state, majority of Severans were absorbed into the Hungarian ethnical corpus with only some insulated pockets managing to preserve their original identity. These melted with the infux of Serbs and Croats from the south of Danube later in the 14th century, contributing to the origin of the today's Slavic population of the Voivodina (a northern province of Serbia), south-eastern Hungary and south-western Romania (Romanian part of Banat).