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Seven Deadly Sins (board game)

The Seven Deadly Sins board game can best be described as a New Age Snakes and Ladders with attitude. The board is made up of a long, winding and overlapping path of 234 consecutive squares divided into seven different incarnations (first killer, then thief, liar, servant, lover, healer, and prophet). On squares where the paths cross over, called Time Warp squares, players must change path if required.

Players start at Creation and must race to Nirvana collecting at least 50 Mojo along the way. Life Cards are also collected along the way which give players the ability to introduce strategy into how they, or other players, move (rather than relying solely on the dice). Some of the Life Cards, called Wicca Cards, allow players to cast spells on themselves or their opponents to either advance or retard their movement. Protection Cards can be used to stop spells or other bad things happening to you. Money and Elements of Nature are other resources involved in the game play.

Seven Deadly Sins was designed and produced by Piranha Bros.