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Set game

Set is a card game designed by Marsha Falco and published by Set Enterprises in 1991. The deck consists of 81 cards varying in four features: number (1, 2, or 3); symbol (diamond, squiggle, or oval); shading (solid, striped, or open); and color (red, green, or purple).

Several games can be played with these cards, all involving the concept of a set. A set consists of three cards which satisfy all of these conditions:

Given any two cards from the deck, there will be one and only one other card that forms a set with them. One example of a set would be these three cards: In one game, the dealer lays out cards on the table until either 12 are laid down or someone sees a set and calls "Set!" The player who calls "Set" takes the cards in the set and the dealer continues to deal out cards. This process continues until the deck is exhausted and there are no more sets on the table. At this point, whoever collected the most sets, wins.

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