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Sepultura is a Brazilian thrash metal band. Formed in Belo Horizonte in the 1980s, Sepultura signed to Cogumelo Records after a few years of performing. Their first LP was Morbid Visions (1986 in music), which included the moderate hit "Troops of Doom" that attracted the band some attention. Their second full-length album was Schizophrenia, which was a critical success that led to a contract with Roadrunner Records.

With Roadrunner distributing Schizophrenia world-wide, Sepultura reached new audiences of metal fans, cemented by 1989's (1989 in music) Beneath the Remains, which was followed by a long European tour. By the time they released 1991's (1991 in music) Arise, Sepultura was located in Phoenix, Arizona and had become one of the most critically-praised metal bands of the 1990s, in spite of a lack of mainstream success. Chaos A.D (1993 in music) was another hit within metal communities, and also incorporated a punk sound for the first time. This trend continued with 1996's Roots, in which the band further innovated by experimenting with elements from the music of Brazil's indigenous peoples. (1996 in music).

At the height of Sepultura's fame, however, a series of events broke the band apart. First, lead singer Max Cavalera's wife (and the band's manager), Gloria, was shocked to discover her teenage son had died in a car crash. Max and Gloria left the rest of the band onstage to go back to America, and upon their return, told Max they wanted new management. Cavalera left the band, and the others announced that they were searching for a replacement. A recording of Max's last show with the band was later released as a live album, Under A Pale Grey Sky. Derrick Green of Cleveland wound up filling that spot, and the band released Against in 1998 (1998 in music). Compared to their previous efforts, Against was a critical and commercial failure, as was the follow-up Nation. Cavalera formed a band called Soulfly, which has toured and recorded to some acclaim.

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