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Sensory system

Human sensory system

The kind of sensors human have

All the 5 types of sensors contain protein channels.


 which polarizes the membrane (increase in cell voltage).

Thermoreceptor: Chemosensors: Two main classes> 1) Direct: taste, bood sensors 2) Distance: smell, antennae

Photosensor in eyes:

>How does the eye works

1) Light hits rhodopsin (protein) 2) Rhodopsin activates tranducin 3) Transducin activates phosphodiesterae (PDE) 4) PDE hydrolyzes cGMP to GMP 5) Loss of cGMP closes sodium channels 6) Causes decrease in cell voltage 7) Decrease in cell voltage is signal that goes to the brain.

Types of taste sensations: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, umami.