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The Kingdom of All the Sedang was founded by a Frenchman named Charles-Marie David de Mayréna. Mayréna entered the central highlands of Indo-China (Vietnam) as an emissary of the French Government to establish communication and to negotiate treaties with the tribes there. However the tribesmen claimed that the tribes were not vassals of the Annamese (Vietnamese) emperor and therefore could form their own kingdom. The Kingdom of All the Sedang was founded and Mayréna was elected King of All the Sedang by the chiefs of the independent Bahnar, Rengao and Sedang tribes in the town of Kon Gung (also known as Pelei Agna, or Great City) on June 3, 1888. He then assumed the style and title Marie David the First, King of All the Sedang, and travelled to Annam, Hong Kong, Great Britain and Europe on behalf of his new subjects to find people who would help him build his new kingdom. He awarded titles of nobility, orders of knighthood and medals to his supporters and issued the first famous Sedang postage stamps.

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