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Security cameras

Table of contents
1 Safety
2 Older Styles
3 Newer Technology


Great for internal and external use. Allows you to see everywhere in and outside of your home. Makes you feel safe at night.

Older Styles

Older style cameras are not very high tech. They only record in black and white. It does not give off a very good picture at all. You can not even zoom in or out. And worst of all you can't hide them at all. They are very noticable.

Newer Technology

Newer more high technical security cameras are amazing. Yet expensive but they are able to do things old cameras couldn't. They let you zoom in and out. They record in color. And give off a great picture, letting you to see up close to the robber or imposter in your home or office. They come in a variety shapes and sizes too. Companys have gone as far as to put them the strangest of places. They are able to put them into your personal items like purses, shoes, glasses, whatches. They can put them into your televisions, ventilation systems and behing wall and mirrors. Even your personal vehicle, rearview mirror, side mirrors, head rests, and the dash.