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Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada is a World Organization of the Scout Movement member. In the spring of 1908, just months after the book "Scouting for Boys" was published in England, Scouting came to Canada. Robert Baden-Powell wrote to the Earl Grey, then Governor-General for Canada in 1910 to ask him to organize Scouting in Canada. Scouting was carried on as part of the Scout Association overseas department until The Canadian General Council of the Boy Scout Association was incorporated by an Act of the Canadian Parliament on June 12, 1914. The Canadian General Council continued to be a branch of the Boy Scout Association until October 30, 1946, when it became an independent member of the Boy Scout World Conference. A subsequent amendment to the Act of Parliament changed the name to Boy Scouts of Canada. In 1976 the Scouts Canada logo was introduced and the organization, by its By-laws, adopted the name Scouts Canada.

Scouts Canada's program is co-educational and has five sections:

There are also Sea Scouts within the Scouts Canada program.

There are two affilliated organizations, The Salvation Army Scout Association and L'Association des Scouts du Canada

Chief Scout Every Governor General since the Earl Grey, has been either the Chief Scout for Canada (prior to 1946) or Chief Scout of Canada (after 1946).

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