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Scottish Parliamentary Election, 1999

The polling date for the first Scottish Parliament election was held on 7th May, 1999. The Scottish National Party (SNP) had polled well in opinion polls running up to the election, gaining some 40% approval ratings and leading Labour, but this level of support wasn't maintained and they eventually polled behind them. The Tories failed to win a single constituency seat (as they had done in Scotland in the 1997 UK General Election.

The SSP and Greens picked up unexpected seats. Indeed, Robin Harper became the first ever Green parliamentarian in the history of the United Kingdom.

The Labour Party and Lib-Dems formed the Scottish Executive after the election, with Donald Dewar becoming First Minister.

National Vote

First Past the Post Results

Labour 908,392 votes (38.81%)/53 MSPs

SNP 672,757 votes (28.74%)/7 MSPs

Tory 364,225 votes (15.56%)/0 MSPs

Lib-Dems 331,279 votes (14.15%)/12 MSPs

SSP 23,564 votes (1.01%)/0 MSPs

Greens Did not contest (0.0%)/0 MSPs

Dennis Canavan was elected as an independent representative for Falkirk West

Additional Members System Results

Labour 786,818 votes (33.64%)/3 MSPs

SNP 638,644 votes (20.9%)/28 MSPs

Tory 359,109 votes (15.35%)/18 MSPs

Lib-Dems 290,760 votes (12.43%)/5 MSPs

Greens 84,024 votes (3.59%)/1 MSP

SSP 46,635 votes (1.99%)/1 MSP

Scottish Parliamentary Representation

Party Leaders in 1999

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