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Schonchin Butte

Schonchin Butte is a cinder cone formation. Frothy lava, cooled in the air, created the large cinder cones throughout Lava Beds National Monument. Schonchin Butte's three quarter mile long trail leads to a panoramic view from the historic fire lookout. The lookout is staffed from June to September. Butte is a geological word for any landform that sticks up abruptly, but cinder cone is a more descriptive geological way of describing this landmark. Erupting more than 30,000 years ago, it spewed ash and cinders into the air much like a can of soda when shaken. A lava spatter rampart is at the very top. From the lookout panoramic views of the Medicine Lake volcano, Mount Shasta, Mount McLoughlin, the Clear Lake Hills and the Warner Mountains can be seen. On a really clear day, the south rim of Crater Lake in Oregon can be seen.