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Schmear (Sheepshead)

A schmear is when you are laying high point cards (Aces, Tens, and Kings) with the hope that your partner(s) will get the trick.

An example of schmearing:

  1. Partner leads 10♦ (10 points)
  2. Opponent 1 plays Q♣ (3 points)
  3. Opponent 2 plays A♦ (11 points)
  4. Picker plays 8♦ (0 points)
  5. Opponent 3 (out of trump) plays 10♠ (10 points)

This trick was worth 34 points! That's schneider already!

Opponent 1 won the trick as soon as s/he laid down the big Queen. As a result, opponents 2 and 3 both took advantage of the situation and put high-counting cards down. Also note that the picker played the 8♦, a no-counting card.

Good to know Sheepshead rule: WHEN IN DOUBT, SCHMEAR.

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