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The SC-3000 is the computer equivalent of the SG-1000.

The SC-3000 first sold for 29,800. It was marketed as a computer for beginners. Games are compatible both ways between the console and computer models. Since the SC-3000 was able to play games and use computer applications, it outsold the SG-1000.

Users have been able to make their own programs and games on the machine. The Speech Synthesis Unit, the Light Pen, and several other third party accessories have been made for this system. As a matter of fact, the magazine "Sega Computer: The official magazine of the Sega User Club in New Zealand" was syndicated in New Zealand.

The SC-300H, which originally sold for 33,800, is an upgraded version of this system, complete with more RAM and an upgraded keyboard.

The SC-3000 also had an extention called the SF-7000. The SF-7000 adds 64kb RAM and 8kb ROM, a 3 inch floppy drive, a Centronics parallel port, and an RS232 serial port.

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