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Savinja (also in some older English texts Sann) is the river in Northeast Slovenia which streams mostly in the Upper and Lower Savinja valley (Slovene Zgornja in Spodnja Savinjska dolina) and through the cities of Celje and Laško. Savinja is the main river of the Savinja Alps (Savinjske Alpe). Savinja flows to the Sava river at Zidani most ("Stonebridge"). Length: 96 km. Many times it overflows, as did in the sixties and in 1990 and 1995.

The stream is created by the Rinka waterfall which flows along a regulated riverbed to the lower end of the Logarska Valley (Logarska dolina), where it confluences with the Jezera stream from which point it becomes the Savinja river. This source has been proclaimed as a natural heritage. The Rinka waterfall is one of the most beautiful and known waterfalls in Slovenia. It is also a popular touristic destination. It is the highest waterfall of the 20 waterfalls in the Logarska valley. It is visited in all seasons of the year. In the winter time it is popular for the ice-climbers. The best view to the waterfall is from the peak of Kamniško sedlo ("Rocky saddle").

Main tributaries are Lučnica at Luče, Ljubnica at Ljubno, Dreta at Nazarje, Paka at Šmartno ob Paki, Ložnica and Voglajna with Hudinja at Celje.

The quality of water is in 1. class to Radmirje, then it falls in second one and after to the third.

Raftsmen from Ljubno were rafting along the river till 1950s. A monument of a raftsman (Splavar) is situated by the river's left bank in Celje.

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