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Saul Lisazo

Saul Lisazo (born approx 1960) is a famous Argentine actor. He has participated in several Mexican Spanish soap operas.

Lisazo as a youngster wanted to become a soccer player, and he played for various teams in Argentina as a kid. However, his calling as an actor would soon take him far away from Argentina, and in 1989, he had flown to Mexico, where he participated in his first telenovela: Amor de Nadie, alongside Lucia Mendez and Fernando Allende.

Lisazo went on to become a super-star actor in Mexico, becoming the main star in many soap operas, including the ones he made with Thalia and Gabriela Spanic. He also became a sex symbol in Mexico, and made a low budget film in Hollywood.

In 2000, Lisazo was signed to participate in the play named Cartas de Amor (Letters of Love) alongside Kate del Castillo. Initially, the play toured only throught Mexico.

In 2001, Lisazo would have gone to Puerto Rico to participate in a film alongside Adamari Lopez and Jaime Bello, among others. Apparently, this project was scratched off, however.

In 2002, Lisazo had to return to Argentina briefly, as his mother recuperated from an illness.

In 2003, Lisazo, generally considered by fans to be a good autograph signer, went on tour with del Castillo internationally, as their play was scheduled to be taken to the United States and other countries.