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SAS Snowflake

SAS Snowflake is the low-cost airline subsidiary of SAS, operating on the concept of low fares in return for a basic product. Meals and drinks onboard are not free of charge but may be purchased. No onlining or interlining is permitted, that means all flights are booked as single sectors only and no transfer connections may be booked to or from another flight with Snowflake or any other airline.

Thus a journey from A to C via B must be booked as two separate transactions. . Check-in of passengers and baggage takes place at airport A, checked baggage (which has only been tagged to airport B) must be retrieved and a further check-in takes place at airport B for the journey B to C.

Sufficient time must be allowed for this transfer to take place and in common with other airlines of this type, no responsibility will be atken for late arrival of the incoming aircraft at airport B which may cause a missed connection to the onward flight.

Furthermore, consideration must be taken of the fact that with checked baggage involved, entry into the country of airport B will be necessary and therefore passport and visa controls may occur.

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