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Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane is Senior segment producer for The Screen Savers on TechTV. Born in Sebastopol, California, Lane attended San Francisco University. Growing up her first computer was an IBM. With regards to literature her favorite authors include Hunter S. Thompson and the renowned Dr. Andrew Weil. Sarah's favorite movie is The Sound of Music and she particularly likes any film by David Lynch.

On one episode, she "vandalised" the Wikipedia page on monkeypox, on June 12, 2003, while on air, by writing "Sarah Lane is totally cool and does not have monkeypox." [1]

She later wrote that:

"Although this excites me in its ease and simplicity, it's a little frightening. I mean, what if I had instead written 'My boss is a big fat **** and his phone number is ****'? Sure, somebody would delete it, but this calls for some seriously dedicated moderators."

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