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São Paulo (city)

São Paulo is the capital of São Paulo state in southeastern Brazil, on the Atlantic coast.

The city is the most important Brazilian business centre and the biggest city in both that country and in the Southern Hemisphere. About 15 million people live in the metropolitan region, Greater São Paulo (Grande São Paulo).

The São Paulo metropolitan area is currently ranked as the second-largest in the world, see Largest cities of the world.

Unlike the well-known Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo is not generally considered a tourist spot. Its attractions are often hidden under chaotic urban scenery.

The city has a multicultural metropolitan area, which some have compared to New York, with Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian and Portuguese influences. São Paulo is known for its vivid nightlife and outstanding gastronomy, which range from Chinese to French, from fast food chains to five star restaurants.

São Paulo is home to the biggest university in Latin America (Universidade de São Paulo), and to the modern art museum, MASP. The world's biggest private sports stadium, Morumbi Stadium is located in the city.

São Paulo is considered some to be ahead of other cities in Brazil because music concerts, plays, fashion shows, international sports events, business conventions occur there first.

São Paulo's nightlife is popular, and includes thousands of bars, pubs, lounges and discos, catering for a variety of music tastes. Venues are often open all night.

Like many big cities in developing countries, São Paulo has a poverty belt around it, and therefore crime rates are high.

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