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Sante Kimes

Sante Kimes (pronounced SHAWN-TAY) is an American serial killer who is most famous for the murder of Irene Silverman a New York City socialite. Sante, with her son Kenny, perpetrated a scheme whereby they would assume Irene's identity then falsely appropriate ownership of her $7.5 Million high class bording house to them. Both Sante and Kenny have been convicted of the crime despite the fact that Irene's body was never found.

More recently a television movie, "Like Mother, Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes" (2001) was made starring Mary Tyler-Moore as Sante and Jean Stapleton as Irene Silverman.

Sante is currently serving a life term at Bedford Hills correctional facility for women in New York. Kenny is also serving a life term and is being prosecuted in California for the death of one of his father's business associates. Sante is fighting extradition to California for that same crime.