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San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport, (IATA Airport Code: SAN) also known as Lindbergh International Airport or Lindbergh Field, is located in San Diego, California

San Diego International Airport has a primitive design which cannot handle a hub operation. Also, the FIS Facility can only handle one widebody and one narrowbody at the same time, which explains the short number of international flights.

A new airport is planned to alleviate this problem so that hub operations and more international flights can start.

On September 25, 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182, which was on a Sacramento-Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles-San Diego route, collided with a small airplane while trying to land at Lindbergh Field, killing everyone on board, 2 on the small aircraft, and 7 on the ground.

San Diego International Airport has 3 Terminals.

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