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Samy is a well known Cuban hair stylist who has shops all over the world.

Samy's family emigrated to Chicago when Samy was a young child. After reaching adulthood, he moved to Miami, where he opened an upper class beauty salon and started to become famous through magazine ads and television talk show appearances. During this time, Samy started a well publicized relationship with a male partner. That relationship has lasted 16 years so far.

During the 1990s Samy's fame expanded as he opened his own line of products, Samys Products, and started writing hair care columns in different Spanish publications. He also became a regular on Univision's show Despierta America, and coined the now famous phrase Si tu te ves bien, yo me veo mejor (If you look good, Ill look better).

Samy in the 2000s has dedicated his efforts to opening hair shops in different places, and , in addition to his Miami salon, he now owns stores in New York, Madrid, San Juan, Lima and Mexico City.

Despite remaining an upscale hair dresser who caters to the rich and famous, Samy offers the general public that writes to him with questions free hair tips through his magazine columns, and he also offers free make overs to the normal public on each of his weekly Despierta America appearances. He calls these make overs the Samysazo.