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Samuel Fuller

Samuel Fuller is a noted director, film writer and actor, sometimes also credited as Sam Fuller.

American screenwriter, producer and director, a controversial figure in American cinema, who also wrote most of the screenplays of his film. Fuller has been called the Joe McCarthy of Hollywood film making, who seemingly opposed everything that he saw threatening the traditional American way of life. In Europe Fuller was a highly acclaimed auteur by leftist filmmakers. Fuller's right-wing noir movie PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET (1953) was ambiguous in its ideology and the thriller WHITE DOG (1982), dealing with the subject of racism, was unjustly prevented a proper release. In the story an actress unknowingly acquires a dog that has been trained to attack blacks only. Then the dog is given to a black animal trainer but ironically now it starts to hate whites.

Jim Jarmusch: What is God to you?
Samuel Fuller: Nature.
(from Tigrero, dir. by Mika Kaurismäki, 1994)

Fuller was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. He became at the age of 12 a copyboy on the New York Journal and at 17 a crime reporter for the San Diego Sun. During the Depression years he wandered about the country on freight trains and began writing short stories. His first pulp novel, BURN BABY BURN, was published in 1935 and was followed by several others. In 1936 Fuller started his career in film business, collaborating on the script of James Cruze's Gangs of New York (1938).

In World War II Fuller fought in North Africa and Europe. He was awarded the Bronze Star, the Silver Star, and a Purple Heart. These experiences Fuller collected in the masterpiece, THE BIG RED ONE, filmed in 1978 but released in 1980. It was hailed by many critics as one of the great American war dramas ever filmed. Fuller started the film from World War I with a surrealistic images. Lee Marvin plays a tough sergeant, who is a father figure to his baby-faced recruits, among them Robert Carradine as a cigar-chomping writer who is based on Fuller. 'Surviving is the only glory in war', Carradine states at the end. The script was also adapted into a novel.

Directed by Samuel Fuller:

1. Day of Reckoning, The (1990) (TV)
      ... aka Jour du châtiment, Le (1990) (TV) (France)
2. Madonne et le dragon, La (1990) (TV)
      ... aka Madonna and the Dragon, The (1990) (TV) (Europe: English title)
3. "Cadavres exquis de Patricia Highsmith, Les" (1990) TV Series (episode "Ferme du malheur, La")
      ... aka "Cadavres exquis" (1990) (France: short title)
      ... aka "Patricia Highsmith's Tales" (1990) (International: complete title English title)
4. Street of No Return (1989)
      ... aka Rua Sem Regresso (1993) (Portugal)
      ... aka Sans espoir de retour (1989) (France)
5. Voleurs de la nuit, Les (1984)
      ... aka Thieves After Dark (1984)
6. White Dog (1982)
7. Big Red One, The (1980)
      ... aka Samuel Fuller and the Big Red One (1980)
8. Tatort - Tote Taube in der Beethovenstraße (1973) (TV)
      ... aka Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street (1973) (TV)
9. Shark! (1969)
      ... aka Arma de dos filos, Un (1969) (Mexico)
      ... aka Maneater (1969)
10. Meanest Men in the West, The (1967) (TV)
11. "Iron Horse, The" (1966) TV Series       (episode "Banner with A Strange Device (1966)")
      (episode "Hellcat (1966)")
      (episode "High Devil (1966)")
      (episode "Man From New Chicago, The (1966)")
      (episode "Volcano Wagon (1966)")
12. Naked Kiss, The (1964)
      ... aka Iron Kiss, The (1964)
13. Shock Corridor (1963)
14. "Virginian, The" (1962) TV Series (episode "It Tolls for Thee")
      ... aka "Men from Shiloh, The" (1970) (new title)
15. Merrill's Marauders (1962)
16. "Dick Powell Show, The" (1961) TV Series (episode "Independence S.W. (1962)")
      ... aka "Dick Powell Theatre, The" (1963) (new title)
17. Underworld U.S.A. (1961)
18. Crimson Kimono, The (1959)
19. Verboten! (1959)
20. Forty Guns (1957)
21. Run of the Arrow (1957)
      ... aka Hot Lead (1957) (USA: video title)
22. China Gate (1957)
23. House of Bamboo (1955)
24. Hell and High Water (1954)
25. Pickup on South Street (1953)
26. Park Row (1952)
27. Fixed Bayonets (1951)
28. Steel Helmet, The (1951)
29. Baron of Arizona, The (1950)
30. I Shot Jesse James (1949)