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A sailor is a member of the crew of a ship or boat. The term may comprise anyone from an admiral in the navy to a person who goes out yachting at weekends as a hobby. A sailor is also specifically an enlisted member of a naval force.

The term can be used even more generally. For example, someone who suffers from travel sickness may say that he or she is "not a good sailor".

In the minds of members of the Royal Navy, the term "sailor" refers to someone who is under sail and not on a vessel with motorised power of any kind.

Sailor were a British pop group of the 1970s. They were something of a novelty act, dressing in sailor gear and producing songs that went with the image. Their hits were:

Sailor was a major BBC television documentary series, first shown in the late 1970s, about life on board HMS Ark Royal, a British aircraft carrier. The theme tune was "Sailing" by Rod Stewart.