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Sabra liqueur

Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur

The primary flavor of Sabra is a rich, bittersweetish chocolate. The dense chocolate is cut with the sweet and sour taste of oranges. This citrus addition gives Sabra a kick that plain-old chocolate (as wonderful as it is) just doesn't have.

Israel is famous for its citrus fruit, especially the Jaffa oranges that are the citrus compliment to the delicious chocolate taste here. Jaffa oranges are complex. They are sweet and tart at the same time. Sabra keeps this complexity.

The Sabra bottle is reminiscent of a genie bottle in shape, which is appropriate because Sabra is magic. It seems best served either slightly chilled or slightly warmed. At room temperature, it loses something. Chilling seems to thicken the chocolate feel. Warming seems to bring out the citrus tones more.