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Saab 93

Saab 93B 1959 Martin Bergstrand

The Saab 93 is an automobile manufactured by Saab. It was announced on August 18 1955 and first presented on December 1 1955. It was restyled by Sixten Sason and had a longitudinally-mounted three cylinder 748 cc two-stroke engine giving 33 hp. In 1957 two-point seatbelts were introduced as an option. The 93 was the first Saab to be exported, mainly to the United States.

On September 2 1957 the 93B was introduced. The two-piece windscreen was replaced with a one-piece windscreen.

In 1960 the 93F was introduced, featuring front-hinged doors from the Saab GT750 and Saab 95. 1960 was the last year of production. The 93 was replaced by Saab 96.

It should not be confused with Saab 9-3.

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