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Saab 90

Saab 90 is an automobile from Saab that was made between 1984 and 1987.

It was the continuation of the Saab 99 and it's basically the front of the Saab 99 with a Saab 900 rear. It made the trunk and gas tank larger than the 99 while keeping the car smaller then the 900. It was only available as a two door sedan and a 2.0 litre engine giving 100 hp. It was available with both four and five speed gearbox. The valves was hardened so it could be run on unleaded petrol. It also has a new starter engine. In 1986 it underwent some minor cosmetic changes and modified shock absorbers. In 1987 the carburettor was altered to make it easier to start in cold weather. 1987 was the final year of the model. In total 25 378 of them were made.

Saab 90 is also the name of an aeroplane, the Saab 90 Scandia. 18 of them were made. It could take 24-32 passengers. The first flight was on November 16 1946. See Saab 90 Scandia.

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