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S.S. Lazio

S.S. Lazio (Italian: SocietÓ Sportiva Lazio SpA) is an Italian football club based in Rome. They are known as the biancocelesti. They play in light blue shirts, with white shorts and socks.


The club was founded in January 1900 as SocietÓ Podistica Lazio. The name Lazio was taken from the district of Rome where the club started, and the pale blue and white strip colours were inspired by the Greek flag. Initially the club ran a number of different sporting activities but as early as 1902 the club became solely football.

The club did not join the league competition until 1913. They made the national decider a number of times but lost, often heavily - 9-1 on aggregate to Casale in 1914 and 6-1 on aggregate to Genoa 1893 in 1923.

The club played in the first Serie A, but their highest pre-war finish was second in 1937. Post-war the club continued to fail in the league, but did win the Coppa Italia in 1958.

However when Sergio Cragnotti became president of the club, he was prepared to invest long-term in new players for the club. In 1993 Lazio finished fifth in Serie A, fourth in 1994, second in 1995, third in 1996, and fourth again in 1997 before winning the scudetto again in 2000. They had Coppa Italia victories in 1998 and 2000 and they also won the last UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1999.

The club plays at the 82,656 seater Stadio Olimpico, shared with A.S. Roma

Famous Lazio players include: Silvio Piola, Giorgio Chinaglia, Giuseppe Signori, Paul Gascoigne and Alen Boksic.

Italian Champions 2 1973/74 1999/00

Italian Cup 3 1958 1997/98 1999/00

Italian SuperCup 1 1998

UEFA Cup Winners Cup 1 1998/99

European SuperCup 1 1999