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There are six ritus (also transliterated rutu) or Indian seasons in the Hindu calendar. The following table gives an overview about the partititon of the year in the traditional Indian calendar.

No. R^itu (Rutu) Season '''[[Vedic timekeeping|Hindu months]]''' '''[[Gregorian calendar|Gregorian month]]s'''
1 hemanta pre-winter margashiirSha to pouSha December to February
2 shishira Winter maagha to phaalguna February to April
3 vasanta Spring chaitra to vaishaakha April to June
4 griiShma Summer jyeShTha to aashaaDha June to August
5 varSha Rainy shraavaNa to bhaadrapada August to October
6 sharat Autumn aashviiiyuja to kaartika October to December

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