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The rupee is the common name for different units of currencies used in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius; in Indonesia the unit of currency is known as the rupiah and in the Maldives the rufiyah. An Indian rupee is equivalent to one hundred new paise or pice (singular paisa).

The origin of the word Rupee is the word Rupiah, used during the times of British India, and even earlier in crude forms. Formerly the rupee was divided into 16 annas, and the anna into 4 pice or 12 piess. Decimalisation occurred in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1869, India in 1957 and in Pakistan in 1961.

An Indian 10 Rupee banknote

It is also the unit of currency in the fictional land of Hyrule. In Hyrule, rupees are colored gems, each color marking a specific denomination.

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