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Royal Swedish Navy

The Royal Swedish Navy, or Kungl. Flottan, is the navy branch of the Swedish Armed Forces, the military of Sweden.

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On June 7, 1522, merely a year after the separation of Sweden from the Kalmar Union, Gustav Vasa purchased a number of ships from the hanseatic town of Lübeck which is seen as the birth of the navy. HMS Wasa was a 17th-century ship of the navy.


It] is currently developing a new class of stealth corvettes, the Visby. Also, a new submarine class, Gotland, has recently been commissioned. Its air independent Stirling engine enables submerged endurance never before seen in conventional submarines.


Naval Units

Marine Units

The Swedish Navy also includes a number of non-naval units. Through out the
20th century coastal fortifications and artillery, due to Sweden's long coast line, constituted the primary component of this service. The last decade of the 20th century saw the abandonment of the strategy and the force was transformed from the Coastal Artillery Corps to the more regular marine Amphibious Corps. The Amphibious Corps uses the same system of rank as the army.

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